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Designed to educate you on how to make intelligent choices in lighting. Learn to accomplish what you want to say with your photos using studio lights. You will be able to create the hard drama or soft emotion that you visualize. Develop an understanding of how each of many beautiful magazine images are made and learn how to pick these photos apart to gain the understanding to design your own lighting design as you visualize your subjects.


Class location may vary in NYC.


Learning how to analyze a photo is the beginning step to creating what it is you want to say with your photography. We start with your collection of "tear-sheets" and teach you how to analyze and pick apart the photo and what it is you like about them. We use your photos or can start with a magazine. With a basic knowledge of equipment and getting your hands on the lights, this is one of the best ways to get yourself onto a photo-set, become an assistant or get to work with your own jobs.


Learn your way around a studio set & get your hands on the many choices of lighting available:


- Hot lights


-Self Contained Strobe Heads

- Hollywood style spots and fresnels

- Booms

- C- Stands

- A 3-light location kit with more portable "self-contained head" style lights

- Use of cto's and ctb's to bounce daylight and hot lights in one photo

- Color balancing hot lights and strobe

- Cuculoris

- Light Modifiers

- Strobe Power Packs

- Spotlights, Conical Spot, Grid Spots, Fresnel Spots

- Reflectors

- Diffusers

- Hard Lighting

- Soft Lighting

- Beauty Dish

- Ringflash

- Kelvin Degrees & Color Metering

- Self Contained Heads & Location Kits

- Hand Held Light Metering


Studio Strobe Lighting: Learn the many choices of light sources: spot lights, umbrellas, light modifiers, soft light, hard light, open heads, bare bulbs, cucolaris, bounce lighting, bounce "v-cards", diffusion, inverse-square law, proper light metering, sync speeds, etc. Learn to make an environmental portrait and mix light sources (daylight with hot-lights).







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