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No class will be larger than 4 students.  Less students= a better experience.


If you are booking through a “third party course or group” we will need a minimum of 2 students.  If you book direct we can most likely accommodate anyone within the class size.

If you would like to save the fees on Paypal please use the “friends and family” method with our personal address.  We’ll provide that for you.


Policies/cancellation policies:

Student to give notice at least 2 full “work days” before the start of class for full refund or 1/2 refund if less than the 2 work days for all classes.  The exception is- Introduction To Studio Lighting Workshop, which requires 4 days notice for a full refund because of studio rental agreements.  Notice given within 4 days of the workshop will be 1/2 refund (due to the release from the rental space).

We are working professionals and may have to move a schedule because of jobs or client meetings which is very unlikely but possible.  We know this is important and try to hold a schedule for you and will do our best to let you know with as much notice we can if it is not possible to work out our dates with a client for you.


Our philosophy about our workshops:

1- Quality not quantity: small individualized class size- maximum of 4 students and most often less.  Our minimal class size creates a highly desirable environment for the maximum experience.  We like to think that our class sizes are the smallest in town.  

2-  If you don’t see a date you can work with ask us about it,  we may be flexible.

3-  Input from our students has shown they prefer to learn in the single day format.  After a productive day they are knowledgable, empowered and inspired to get started on their own.

4-  A simple, helpful folder is issued in the Basic Digital Camera Workshop.  This is a useful guide and helpful review to your day to take home with you.

5- Set up a private- 1 on 1 workshop.  Want all the attention on you without distractions?

6-  Want a workshop in you place or your own space-  It can be done at your location, on your schedule.

7-  Can’t find instruction for a particular or peculiar interest you may want to know?  Our experience runs deep.  Reach out to us with your area of curiosity,  if we know how to fulfill it, we will.

8-  Have a personal need for a personal shopper?  We’ve gone shopping with students that had no idea what they needed for their personal projects or needs, then we taught how to use it all.

9-  Want to ask about your course and your needs?  Call me, I’m usually available to talk.  We are also accessible to help our students after the workshop experience and accept your calls and questions.

10-  Custom courses for you or your group.  We can put together a class at your workplace and do a group workshop for your business.  Please call and let us know what it is you need to know.  

A helpful and inspiring environment for you- now a bit about me:

My personal philosophy is simplicity:  We are proud to provide years of great learning experiences since 2007 while teaching accredited courses at Parsons/The New School.  I‘ve worked here and abroad with some of the biggest names in the business: major magazine titles, ad agencies, brands and magazine editors, celebrities, publicists, productions, music, magazine covers and major campaigns.  I enjoy inspiring and empowering people as I did when I was a kid figuring out photography for myself.  People have flown from numerous countries and states specifically to participate in our workshops.  I offer a most friendly atmosphere and would like to include you in my plans as well.  I really hope to inspire you- Jeffrey Apoian

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