"The alchemy of the art that was and still may be the standard for well over a century and a half." JA

  • Understand what is involved in making a photographic print
  • Learn how to properly expose a roll of film
  • Mix chemistry
  • Spool your film in total darkness and process it in daylight
  • Make a contact print by selecting a negative and make an enlargement on the negative
  • Make an enlargement/print of your favorite photo (all chemistry, film, paper, materials included)
  • Understand why many of the top photographers in the world continue to shoot with film

Master Class Private Sessions Available for More Advanced Training

Basic Darkroom

One Day Course -

$425 includes materials and chemicals  (mini group/semi-private)

11:00am to  5:00pm

Maximum Class Size: 4 Students

"There is nothing so magical as seeing your image miraculously appear before your very eyes in the developing tray.  It happened in front of my eyes when I was 10 years old- I never forgot that moment & I was passionately hooked".  Jeffrey