"The alchemy of the art that was and still may be the standard for well over a century and a half." JA

  • Understand what is involved in making a photographic print
  • Learn how to properly expose a roll of film
  • Mix chemistry
  • Spool your film in total darkness and process it in daylight
  • Make a contact print by selecting a negative and make an enlargement on the negative
  • Make an enlargement/print of your favorite photo (all chemistry, film, paper, materials included)
  • Understand why many of the top photographers in the world continue to shoot with film

"There is nothing so magical as seeing your image miraculously appear before your very eyes in the developing tray.  It happened in front of my eyes when I was 10 years old- I never forgot that moment & I was passionately hooked".  Jeffrey

Master Class Private Sessions Available for More Advanced Training

Basic Darkroom

One Day Course -

$425 includes materials and chemicals  (mini group/semi-private)

11:00am to  5:00pm

Maximum Class Size: 4 Students