The cyanotype process, developed by John Herschel in England in the 1830's, was one of the first photgraphic technique utilized for printing images.  It involves the application of a chemical solution to papter, a negative overlay and then exposure to the sun or an intense light source.  The image appears as a mixture of blue tones that are almost magical.

"Reviving the art of old photographic techniques is a passion of mine .  I am so glad to be able to share with my students." JA

Cyanotypes by our student  John Trohan

from John's cellphone photos.


All matrials need to make 8 x 10 paper prints (gloves, bushes, fully equipped darkroom, archival watercolor paper and chemistry).

Student Requirements:

Students will bring in up to 3 images that they would like to make into Cyanotypes. Choose prints or digital scans of images that would make an interesting subject. Print size is 8 x 10.

Private Classes Can Be Arranged

Master Class Private Sessions Available for More Advanced Training

Part 1: Morning Activities

  • We will convert images to a digital negative in advance to size and proper curves for good contrast.
  • Explain the process and teach you how to do this at home.
  • Sensitize the paper with chemistry.

Lunch Break: (Allow Paper to Dry).

Part 2:  Afternoon Activities

  • Make test strips for various exposures with contact printing frames under controlled lighting or if weather permits, from the sun.
  • When expousre has been determined we will expose the sensitized paper.
  • The print will be processed and then intensified with the beautiful "Prussian Blue" by using additional chemistry.
  • Additional prints can be made while paper is drying.

Cyanotype Printing

1 Day Course - $325  Materials included

$399 Private

11:00am to 4:00pm

Maximum Class Size: 4 Students