• Darkroom Printing


Two days of focused training with an award winning professional will expose students to all types of lighting and equipment. From strobes to hot lights, this hands-on approach will help you to identify the lighting sources and strategies used in photography.​

  • Large Format Cameras

 Building upon your existing camera knowledge, this hands-on workshop is taught by a professional photographer who will help you to master the creative things your camera was designed to do.  Explore the coolest neighborhoods in lower Manhattan and apply your new found skills as you walk through historic sections of the city.

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  • Photoshop
  • Basic Camera ll/Photo Tour

Become proficient shooting inside or outdoors with your own camera in our one-day workshop.  By the end of the course you will know every external setting on your camera & lens, how to use them most effectively & accomplish photos you never thought you or your camera could do.

"I knew absolutely nothing about cameras or photography before I took this class. I now feel totally prepared to tackle my photography projects." Morgan H.

Maximum Size In All Clases: 4 Students

A one day hands-on workshop that introduces students to the world of cyanotypes: an original photograpic technique developed in the early 1800s.  The process is one that utilizes the sun in the printing process.  Mix chemistry, paint light sensitie fine art paper, make an exposure, tone and print.

Photoshop is your digital darkroom. This one-on-one workshop is designed to get you up and running quickly.  Photoshop is a powerful tool to retouch photos, improve contrast color and save files. Learn how to improve or modify you digital photos.

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  • Basic Camera

When you choose film as your photographic medium, you gain a true understanding of the photographic process. Learn how to expose a roll of film, mix the chemistry, spool your film in total darkness and process it in a tank with lights on.  Make a contact sheet, select a negative and make an enlargement of that negative.

  • Cyanotype Printing

When you need to control perspective, working with a large format camera is the solution. This one day hands-on workshop is for those who have knowledge of conventional cameras and feel they are up to the challenge of correcting perspective, focus distribution, distorting images and racking your soft focus to full effect.

  • Studio Lighting

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