Basic Camera II  -  Photo Tour Half Day Outdoors

$299  (per person mini group/semi-private)

‚Äč$375   Private 

12:00 to 4:00pm

Private Lessons Can Be Arranged

"Taking it to the streets! "

Master Class Private Sessions Available for More Advanced Training

Lower Manhattan in New York has some of the most historic and culturally unique vistas in the world.  We start with a tour of our SoHo Photography Studio equipment and answer questions regarding your particular camera.  Then 'we take to the streets: SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown, Financial District & points beyond.  ' Our professional photographer, who has worked many years with Art and Creative Directors, will lend a discerning eye to assist you with:

  •  Finding alternate techniques on exposure
  • Composure and perspective in your photography
  • Alternate ways to make an otherwise ordinary photo more interesting by using techniques like:

            - Depth of Focus

            - Using your light meter

            - Creative Motion

            - Back Lighting

            - When to go wide 

            - When to go telephoto

            - Use adjustments in bad weather

            - Excite your images with creative flair 

            - Composition

Students will achieve the visual twist needed to make an ordinary photo much more interesting.  All types of weather offers a wide range of opportunities so class is held rain or shine.