Basic Camera II  -  Photo Tour Half Day Outdoors

$299  (per person mini group/semi-private)

‚Äč$375   Private 

12:00 to 4:00pm

Private Lessons Can Be Arranged

"Taking it to the streets! "

Your personal photography consultant available here.
Have an interest in photography that you can't find listed anywhere?  Need advice setting up the photo needs of your business? 
We can create a personal or staff workshop as unique as you desire.
  Let us design your own personal workshop for you or your business.

Master Class Private Sessions Available for More Advanced Training

Lower Manhattan in New York has some of the most historic and culturally unique vistas in the world.  We start in SoHo and answer questions regarding your particular camera to get you set up and ready to go.  Then 'we take to the streets: SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown, Financial District & points beyond.   We have who has worked many years with Art and Creative Directors and will lend a discerning eye to assist you with:

  •  Finding alternate techniques on exposure
  • Composure and perspective in your photography
  • Alternate ways to make an otherwise ordinary photo more interesting by using techniques like:

            - Depth of Focus

            - Using your light meter

            - Creative Motion

            - Back Lighting

            - When to go wide 

            - When to go telephoto

            - Use adjustments in bad weather

            - Excite your images with creative flair 

            - Composition

Students will achieve the visual twist needed to make an ordinary photo much more interesting.  All types of weather offers a wide range of opportunities so class is held rain or shine.