After the lesson in our "Basic Camera Course " we taught Marisa how  to blur photos in 2 different creative ways.  She learned to use  various camera speeds and a short focus technique with an ordinary lens. 

For this photo she used the panning with the shutter method to capture her friend who is the bicyclist that is in focus. 

Bicycle riders:  ©Marisa Terranova

Basic Camera  I

One Day Workshop   $349  (mini group/semi-private)

​$425  Private

11:00 to 5:00pm

Private with your family or friends-

a workshop in SoHo

Private Lessons Can Be Arranged  for any course

This Basic Camera Course will teach you:

  •  About all the external settings on your camera body and lenses.
  •  Explore your camera's internal menu and unlock each  item one at a time.
  •  Unlocking all the mysteries of your camera in the most simple and least confusing way.

Part 1:   We will cover the basics (and keep it simple):

  •  How to use your settings most effectively to accomplish any photo you want to take.
  •  How to use your light meter & apply the simplest settings to see you through you any lighting situation.
  •  Shooting on manual and when to go for your automatic options.
  •  We'll do a set-up in the studio and shoot outside to apply what you are learning into practical knowledge.

Lunch Break: During this break we'll go outside to apply additional practice to what you have learned.

                          These set-ups will help your new knowledge sink in with a practical application.

Part 2: The Results

  •  Analyze your photos to make sure you understand the morning lesson and answer any questions.
  •  We then cover all external buttons, switches & knobs & explain their design & function.
  •  Learn the internal camera menu, options & settings & how to apply your educated choices.

    "Students have brought me cameras that were still in their boxes and they 'get it' by the time  class is done." JA

Learn how to drive the  technology  known as the modern camera.  It simply comes down to aperture, shutter speed and ISO as it has for over 150 years.  

 Now that you are well informed you can now make a knowledgable choice of your options on the camera's menu and you are the driver.

Your personal photography consultant available here.
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We can create a personal or staff workshop as unique as you desire.
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"I was able to freeze frame an image of a moving cyclist. in the middle of twenty others shot on the amazing cobblestone steets of SoHo.  Amazing!"  Sandy L.

"Helped me make friends with my camera, So much hands-on here"

Deb M, TV producer about  the Basic Camera Workshop.

You bought the newest digital camera .  Now learn all about the options and how to best use them.